Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Texas Home Buyer Assistance Programs For First Time Home Buyers.

By Troy Corman, t2realestate.com

Although the federal tax credit and first time home buyer assistance program has expired, many home buyers are unaware of the Texas home buyer assistance programs that are still available in many Texas cities and municipalities. The assistance can provide actual cash infusions to help pay down payment costs, or provide below-market interest rates. Eligibility requirements are based on household income and other household information. Visit the web site TxHomePrograms.org to find Dallas-Fort Worth cities providing home buyer assistance.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lenders Expect To Sue Foreclosure Home Owners In Next 2 Years.

RealtorMag article summarized by Troy Corman

Industry experts expect a wave of lawsuits in the next two years as lenders try to recoup losses from home owners who merely walk away from their mortgages. Also, those that damage homes and face foreclosure can also expect to be targets of lender lawsuits. The suits will most likely discourage future home owners from throwing in the towel. Also, as the taxpaying public grows tired of government bailouts and handouts, it's unlikely that politicians can implement crony capitalism much longer - as natural market forces are best equipped to return us to a healthy economy.

As foreclosure delinquency rates remain elevated, lenders are expected to work with homeowners who negotiate in good faith, while others can expect to face collection agencies who purchase the mortgage debt from the lender.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Open House Saturday and Sunday 2-4 - Ridgewood Park 3BR Home For $219K.

This home features 3 bedrooms, a 2-car garage, wood-burning fireplace, and hardwoods throughout - except for wet areas. Vintage tile and a huge back yard deck along with lush landscaping add to the charm. Less than 2 miles to White Rock Lake and close to virtually everything. Take a no-obligation closer look this weekend either Saturday or Sunday from 2 to 4 - yes, that's PM. Home is hosted by Troy Corman, t2realestate.com

View more photos at t2realestate.com
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

15-Year Mortgage Rate at 4.07% According To Real Estate Site, Zillow.

By Troy Corman, t2realestate.com

According to the zillow mortgage rate calculator, the 15-year fixed mortgage rate is at 4.07%. The 30-year is at a near all-time low of 4.56%. The fixed rates correspond to the 10-year treasury bond, which continues to decline as investors continue to flock to safety amid the global uncertainties. Will the 15-year break below the 4% level? We'll be keeping an eye on it as rates are flirting with breaking historic all-time lows.

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