Saturday, October 22, 2011

Most Dallas Home Sellers Are Unaware Of The Tire-Kicker Epidemic.

By Troy Corman,

TIRE-KICKER ALERT - I recently listed a home for sale on the North Texas MLS, or NTREIS, and instructed Dallas real estate agents to make sure that their buyers were pre-qualified. You'll be amazed to know that to date, I've had five requests to view the home, and ZERO buyers that had been pre-approved for financing. It sure is fun to look at homes, but I guess getting pre-qualified for home financing just takes too much work.

Unfortunately, with the housing slow-down, some Dallas realtors it seems, are in desperation mode, and have forgotten one of the basic fundamentals when it comes to representing home buyers - MAKE SURE THEY ARE QUALIFIED TO ACTUALLY BUY!

Realtors knows that the odds of a prospective home buyer actually closing on a home purchase isn't a slam dunk by any stretch. But offering to drive folks around that aren't interested or motivated enough to get financing approval means you're simply relying on dumb luck. This waste the agent's time, the home sellers time, and the listing agent's time, who usually fields calls from the home seller each time there is a showing on the home. And if you've ever sold a home you've lived in, you know it's work to keep it clean and presentable at a moment's notice.

One would think having the home buyer put in a comparable effort isn't too much to ask.

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