Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Succeed In Real Estate, You Can't Be A Jackass.

Those that are "stubborn as a mule" in real estate dealings
usually lose financially and emotionally.

By Troy Corman, www.t2realestate.com

I am often amazed at how many folks in real estate transactions get locked in to a single way of thinking. Whether, they don't want to sell for a certain price, or they don't want to put in the physical effort to make their property more attractive, the folks usually end up losing time, money and emotional well-being in the end.

What often happens is a seller turns down an early offer. Then, they never get the offer they really want. Then, they get worn down mentally and emotionally. And finally, they just want the process to end so they take whatever they can get.

To me, adaptability is the key to real estate, and to life. Sure, there is certainly some admiration for those with persistence and discipline, but when it gets in the way of common sense and reasonableness, then nobody wins.

I must admit I am prone to this character defect myself. I often want what I want, when I want it. I can get all wound up and notted up and waste a lot of valuable time and emotional energy wearing myself out. I then have to turn my will over to my God and trust in His will being done, not mine. This brings a calming effect - even though I still hope things turn out the way I want them to!

I know that we're all wired differently, and some are more prone to be "as stubborn as a mule" than others. But do yourself a favor if things aren't getting done in your real estate transaction. The world doesn't revolve around YOU, or what YOU want. So get over it. Get things done. And make your life a jackass-free zone!

Troy Corman is the founder of t2 Real Estate LLC, a Dallas real estate firm providing specialized knowledge with a hands-on approach. Specialties include residential real estate brokerage, land and acreage, and commercial real estate services. Contact us today at 214.827.1200 if you need to sell, buy or get your DFW property leased.

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